!!New Sampler-CD of Historical Harp!!

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Reflections - looking back at a millennium of harps in Europe

Through the Archive and Museum for Harp History I often receive requests for a CD with music played on different historical harps. For this reason and to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the International Historical Harp Society, we have produced a Sampler-CD with examples of music from the 1000 year history of the harp in Western Europe. It contains music from the 9th to the 19th centuries on 22 different harps, including the harp psaltery, Romanesque harp, Gothic harp with brays, wire-strung clarsach, Spanish cross-strung arpa de dos ordenes, double and triple arpa doppia, Bohemian hook harp and single-action pedal harp. Fourteen well-known harpists from all over the world have taken part in this project:

  • Aliquando (Linda Doernbach & Nancy Thym)
  • Asni,
  • Stefan Battige,
  • Maria Christina Cleary,
  • Hannelore Devaere,
  • Judy Kadar,
  • Riet Keppel,
  • Almut Kirchner,
  • Brigitte Langnickel-Köhler,
  • Andrew Lawrence-King,
  • Elena Polonska,
  • Bill Taylor
  • Hilda Van Eyck.

This stunning palette of sounds and timbres is absolutely unique!

There are no other CDs on the market which attempt to demonstrate the entire development of the harp in Europe.

Studio productions as well as live recordings of different styles from different centuries have been included. There is also a detailed history of each harp included in the booklet as well as biographies of the harpists.

We are especially grateful to all the artists who donated their recordings for this CD as well as to Rudi Hochrein, Bernhard & Gabrielle Mahne from a.c.a.d. studio, who put so much time, talent and effort into making this a success.

The proceeds will be used to further disseminate information through festivals, courses, symposiums and publications on the fascinating history of perhaps the oldest instrument in the world.

It makes the ideal gift. The CD costs 18 Euros plus 2 Euros for postage and packaging within Germany. For other countries please request postage information.

  • Prices:
  • 18,00 € CD with 80 minutes of music
  • 2,00 € post + packaging Germany
  • 5,00 € post + packaging Europe
  • 8,00 € post + packaging (airmail) overseas

Order from: Nancy Thym


In North America, the CD can be ordered from Sylvia Woods Harp Center http://www.harpcenter.com/ (click What's New)

or Melody's Traditional Music www.folkharp.com.