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Blathnad 'Blümchen'

Nancys historische Kleider werden von Jutta Richter, Atelier Verdande genäht, es gibt dort wunderschöne Angebote, schaut mal rein!

Auch Kostümverleih!

Bloddeuwed die Blütenbraut



Verlene Schermer
has brought new meaning to the term "blues harp" with her jazzy, bluesy style of harp playing, performed on a variety of harps including a blue electric harp built by Camac (France), a more conventional folk harp, and the unusual cross-strung harp, with which she explores harmonic territory possible on no other form of the instrument, always accompanying her versatile velvety vocals. A 1997 prizewinner of the Lyon & Healy Pop & Jazz Harpfest, she has recorded 4 CDs of original songs, and has performed in concerts throughout the US and Europe.



Kyle Wohlmut

is one of the leading exponents of the wire-strung harp, the ancient 'Celtic' form of the instrument, although his approach to the instrument is hardly traditional. Using a unique combination of electronics he has an array of modulations, bends and loops at his disposal, making his harp sound like no other. As his sounds morph fluidly from electric guitar to bass to pedal steel to synth-like tones, even seasoned harp professionals can't believe what they're hearing!

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